Steel Grip, Inc. Designs and Manufactures Protective Clothing for Domestic and International Industry 


Industrial Protective Clothing:

Our fire resistant clothing is designed for secondary protection to safeguard workers exposed to open flame, sparks and other similar heat sources.

High Temperature Protective Clothing:

Our primary protection is designed for workers exposed to radiant heat, molten metal, sparks as well as varying conditions of extreme thermal temperatures.

Electrical Protective Clothing:

We developed a layering system known as Air Gap Technology™ which allows the combinations of lighter weight fabrics to increase the thermal heat resistance (Arc Rating) of the garments.


All materials, designs and findings for hazard risk category 2, 3 and 4 garments meet the FULL requirements of NFPA 70E Edition Standard, OSHA 1910.269 CFR, ASTM F 1506 and ASTM F 2178.


Company Profile

Steel Grip, Inc. manufactures personal protective clothing also known as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for domestic and international applications. We are a privately owned American industrial protective clothing company headquartered in Danville, Illinois, with many years of experience. Business is conducted through distribution in all 50 states, and internationally. We have the ability to manufacture specialty attire such as electrical protective clothing and high temperature protective clothing. We design products to meet customer needs, lower costs, enhance protective values, increase quality, meet safety standards, and achieve the appropriate degree of competitive product performance.

We offer over 3,000 safety products essential for head, body, hand, leg foot protection to serve your employees in a variety of work environments. The protective clothing products presented on this site represent our most popular catalog stock products. To inquire about our entire line of protective clothing, discuss product applications or discuss a particular safety need - CLICK "Customer Service" then - CLICK "Sales Personnel" from the CONTACT US menu. A Steel Grip professional will work with you to find solutions for protection from the safety hazards that challenge your situation.

Though considered a small business, we maintain four manufacturing facilities in the US and have earned national recognition.



Steel Grip's primary obligation is to furnish a safe, clean work place in our manufacturing facilities for employees. Our 3 facilities located in Danville, Illinois, along with facilities located in Covington and Kingman, Indiana, are bright and air-conditioned with characteristics to make them worker-friendly.

Our main headquarters address is located at:

1501 E Voorhees St

Danville, IL 61832

(217) 442-6240

Toll Free (800) 397-8390

Up-to-date facilities contribute to employee satisfaction and workplace safety. We are happy to report our overall safety record is strong. Steel Grip remains as one of the leaders in safety performance for this industry.

We are dedicated to maintain and update our facilities with improvements and the technology that contributes to work place safety and employee satisfaction. We know these actions ultimately translate into pride of workmanship, maintain consistency and improved performance.

The end result ?
Quality, Superior Products and Satisfactory Service for Our Customers.


Source and Support Services

Our most valued resource - feedback from you, our customers!

Steel Grip participates in many industry associations and organizations. We continue to develop and maintain a variety of long-term relationships over a wide range of raw material suppliers, industry associations and protective clothing safety distributor networks that mutually benefit each organization for the long-term. Steel Grip participates in material and product testing for associations and organizations and serves as a resource for writing standards and developing product specifications. Product effectiveness and service demands Steel Grip continue to investigate new techniques, invest in technology and resources for independent testing methods. In teamwork, we will work to provide solutions to problems that improve and introduce new products for the industry.

Our commitment is to manufacture protective clothing for industry using superior goods and materials that provide services for fair prices in the competitive marketplace.


Steel Grip, Inc. product is a style built to last.


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